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Gen Live launched their boldest millennial connecting event, yet

– the Untamed Rock Opera on April, 2016.


More than a concert, the Untamed Rock Opera is a narrative

of a millennial man searching for happiness, significance,

and freedom expressed through a multi-media synthesis

of pop and edgy hard-rock sequenced with dynamic dance

and drama.


“Our mission is to challenge millennials to examine life’s big picture.

While all are born tamed, I believe our destiny of true freedom

is in the hope and message of Jesus—Untamed,”

says Gen Live founder and Untamed writer

and producer Kara Aubrey Nelson.



With over 1,800 stretched across the grassy knolls of the Palm Desert Amphitheater, the first Untamed Rock Opera debuted on April 9, 2016. Moving closer to the final moments of the event, the amphitheater was filled with shouts and tears of joy.


Towards the closing moments, six millennials boldly walked

to the front of the stage to declare how their unique journey

led them from captivity into freedom – to be Untamed.

One of these was told by Melissa. She was tamed

by a path of addiction, cutting, and suicide attempts,

to finally finding a way to ultimate freedom.







Events that Connect

March 18, 2017

A movement is underway – it has just begun. Stay tuned, the next intense Untamed Rock Opera is coming to the Coachella valley, on March 18, 2017 and beyond.

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