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UNTAMED : To be set free from the dark and destructive ways of the world,to passionately follow Jesus

From captivity into His freedom

UNTAMED is Unique

Communicating the Good News of Jesus through producing and performing edgy, dramatic, and artistically engaging music and multimedia presentations,

resonating with the young generation.

Writer, performer, and speaker Kara Aubrey uses music and visual arts to gain the audience's attention and respect.


The UNTAMED Rock Drama concludes with a powerful Gospel message and invitation to Jesus.

Kara Aubrey delivers the Gospel with and for her young generation.
The Message

As Jesus communicated hard truth through parables; the UNTAMED Rock Opera  is a large scale production communicating the Gospel - opening doors that have long been closed -  to open the feelings, thoughts, hopes,  and minds of the world's young culture.  


30 percent of Millennials report suffering from anxiety on a regular basis.

19 percent of young people in the United States either contemplate or attempt suicide every year.

Once a Song

UNTAMED, started as a

song written by

Kara Aubrey,

is now the rallying

cry for her


Every Gospel presentation includes a strategic lead-up and follow-up plan





"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10


Join our Untamed Team and partner with us

to make a lasting eternal impact in our young generation.

"Wow, amazing music, drama, and creativity. I wept as I witnessed such an effective presentation of the Good News about Christ to millennials and the more 'mature' among us too!"
- Mike Harrison, Senior Pastor Church 212
"I was impressed with the high level of excellence...Thank you for all your efforts throughout the year to make this spectacular outreach possible."
-Bruce Montgomery, Senior Pastor Grace Church
"When Kara started speaking
I immediately became overwhelmed."
- Sergio (millennial)
"My (millennial) son started crying
and just couldn't stop.
- Kimberly
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